Furniture for bars and resorts


Molena has been a proud supplier of quality contract furniture specializing in bar and resort furniture since 1955.

We offer a wide selection of bar stools, tables and chairs in both contemporary and classic designs styled and manufactured specifically for the contract market offering unique designs along with comfort, quality and durability.

Each style has a variety of frame finishes and upholstery options to suit any environment.


Bar and resort furniture by Molena

Almaz Kaffe - ROME (ITALY)

Mangia & Bevi KFT - Budapest - (HUNGARY)

Roth Christa Cafe Hau - Neubeuern - (GERMANY)

Kafeteria Estiatorio Fliraki Rhodes - (GREECE)

FK Project Management LTD - London - INGHILTERRA (UK)


Caffe Extense - Este - PADOVA (ITALY)

Ace Cafe - Correggio - REGGIO EMILIA (ITALY)

Caffè Smart - PRATO (ITALY)


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